What Is A Life Worth?

In 2019, the Nebraska Safety Council has provided services to hundreds of businesses. The results…

  • 520 teenagers learned how to drive safely, with hundreds of low-income students receiving stipends to offset the price of the class.
  • Governor’s Wellness Award winners increased physical activity compliance by 11%, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables by 4%, reduced tobacco use by 19%, and decreased obesity by 5%.
  • Safety Award Winners demonstrated OSHA recordable incident rates well below their industry average.

What does this mean?

It means that people get to go home to their families and eat burnt meatloaf, argue with their teenagers, cry at their daughter’s wedding, and make mud pies with their grandchildren.

The Nebraska Safety Council has been saving lives for 58 wonderful years. We manage with minimal resources. Our staff are passionate about their work and do it well! While many think membership or training fees are enough, unfortunately, some of our competitors can offset the cost of classes with tax revenue to support services. There is space in this field for all of us. We still have people getting hurt at work. We still have people dying prematurely from lifestyle-related illnesses. And tragically, we still have teen drivers dying far too young.

Sponsor Budget ChartThe Nebraska Safety Council does not receive any tax support. Membership accounts for only 17% of our total budget. Grant dollars cover about 5% of the budget. Fundraising and sponsorships dollars for similar non-profit organizations is typically 25-90% of the operational budget. Sponsorships through events at Nebraska Safety Council is only about 3% of our annual budgetary needs. To reiterate our standing as a non-profit, the Nebraska Safety Council will finish the 2019 fiscal year approximately $350 in the black, out of a $1.5 Million annual budget.

We Need Your Help!

Sponsorship is changing to a once-a-year call for support. We will not be nickel-and-diming you, but we ask for a commitment to continue to serve our citizens and grow our services. Please seriously consider sponsoring the Nebraska Safety Council.

So, what is a life worth? What if the life saved was your spouse, your father or mother, your child? What is a life
worth – PRICELESS!

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