Join us throughout the month of June for National Safety Month—the annual observance to help keep each other safe from the workplace to anyplace.

Topics include:

  • Week 1 – Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Week 2 – Workplace Impairment
  • Week 3 – Injury Prevention
  • Week 4 – Slips, Trips and Falls

Week 1 – Musculoskeletal Disorders: MSDs are a leading cause of workplace injury and cost billions each year in workers’ compensation and lost productivity. Gain the latest resources and practical tools to help your organization take action.

The goal of ergonomics is to prevent soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) caused by sudden or sustained exposure to force, vibration, repetitive motion, and awkward posture. To create an ergonomically sound work environment, NIOSH ergonomists and industrial hygienists recommend designing tasks, work spaces, controls, displays, tools, lighting, and equipment to fit employee’s physical capabilities and limitations.

Musculoskeletal Health Program
Ergonomic Interventions by Industy

The NIOSH Musculoskeletal Health Program works with outside partners in industry, labor, trade associations, professional organizations, and academia to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

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View a variety of resources with industry-specific information to prevent ergonomic damage.

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Week 2 – Workplace Impairment: We all know the dangers of substance use on the job. Bud did you know mental distress, stress and fatigue are also impairing? Access resources to recognize the signs and address impairment, in all its forms.

Podcast Articles Fact Sheet

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Access a podcast on workplace impairment here.

Help your workers get the facts on this week’s topic by learning about statistics from a national employer survey on impairment.

Week 3 – Injury Prevention: In 2020 alone, more than four million workplace injuries required medical attention in the U.S. Learn about approaches to preventing injuries and deaths, including identifying hazards and assessing risks.

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Access a podcast on injury prevention here.

Help your workers get the facts on this week’s topic and dive into the top three workplace injuries to better understand the risks around them.

Week 4 – Slips, Trips and Falls: With falls the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death, this week we’ll focus on reducing slips, trips and falls, falls from heights and how technology can play a role in saving lives.

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Access a podcast on slips, trips, and falls here.

Help your workers get the facts on this week’s topic to better understand the dangers related to falls on the same level and falls from heights.

The resources and curriculum listed on this page are provided by NIOSH and the National Safety Council.