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Verbal Judo Training is an opportunity for people and organizations to learn life-changing skills to prevent potential conflicts from escalating out of control. Communication break downs cause stress and conflict not only in your work life but also your personal life. What if there were a way to use communication to persuade those who you interact with, to see things from your perspective, and even comply with your wishes?

It is critical that any and all organizations with direct client contact, whether it be police working the streets, teachers in the classroom, first responders, customer service representatives, utility workers or management positions, have the tools they need to increase positive customer interaction outcomes, and keep complaints to a minimum.

Verbal Judo is a proven methodology founded and created by Dr. George Thompson 32 years ago and it is the gentle art of persuasion. Using redirection and springboard techniques, you will discover how to bring those who disagree with you over to your way of thinking. Gain persuasion skills by learning:

  • How to use paraphrasing
  • Active listening techniques
  • Creating options for those who are noncompliant with policies, rules, and procedures, to help them see the benefits of compliance
  • The Five Universal Truths of Verbal Judo
  • ALL cultures want to be treated with Dignity and Respect
  • ALL people would rather be asked than told what to do
  • ALL people want to know why they are asked or told to do something
  • ALL people would rather have options than threats
  • ALL people want a second chance to make matters right

When staff is properly trained, the environment in which they work improves and the threat of conflict, violence, and litigation is greatly reduced. Verbal Judo benefits are not just limited to the workplace but extend to one’s personal life by having the necessary skills to deal with difficult situations that can arise off the job. By using this system rooted in empathy, you can learn how to positively influence the behavior of those around you.

“Treat people well, regardless of their differences.” – Dr. George Thompson

Course Length: 6 hours

Course Fees: $184 (Members $113)


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