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Over 30 million American workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals in their workplaces. Hazardous and toxic substances are defined as those chemicals present in the workplace which are capable of causing harm. In this definition, the term chemical includes dusts, mixtures, and common materials such as paints, fuels, solvents and other chemicals. OSHA currently regulates exposure to approximately 400 substances.

Chemicals have the ability to react when exposed to other chemicals or certain physical conditions. The reactive properties of chemicals vary widely and they play a vital role in the production of many chemicals, material, pharmaceutical, and food products we use daily. When chemical reactions are not properly managed, they can have harmful or even catastrophic consequences, such as toxic fumes, fires, and explosions. These reactions may result in death and injury to people, damage to physical property, and severe effects on the environment.

This new 1-day training session brings focus to OSHA Subpart H, Hazardous Materials (flammable & combustible liquids), Subpart M, Compressed Gas & Air Cylinders, and Subpart Z, Toxic & Hazardous Substances. The role of the Chemical Safety Board and several recent findings will be discussed. The program is presented in a straightforward manner to provide those attending with information on safe chemical usage at manufacturing and laboratory facilities. The seminar will include activities aimed at further participant understanding of flammable chemical behavior, the effects of toxic chemicals, the potential damage caused by corrosive chemicals, and the proper storage & handling of hazardous materials.

The program covers major areas of chemical & occupational safety and industrial hygiene. Each participant receives a detailed training manual which includes a special section on interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets.

Course Length: 8 Hours

Course Fee: $232 (Members: $146)

*Discounts are available for multiple registrations. Call 402.483.2511 ext. 115 for information.

You are eligible to receive continuing education credits for this training. Following completion of this course, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include these details in your message: full name, date(s) of the course, name of course, and type of credit you wish to apply for. Once you submit your information to NESC, we will follow up with an electronic certificate, reflecting proof of completion of the course, that you can use to submit to the organization applicable for the credit you are in need of.


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