It's time to recognize professionals for their leadership, wellness, and safety efforts. There are 3 award levels to choose from. Learn more below!

Professional Leadership Award:

Recognizes high performing, well-established safety or wellness leaders.

  • Multiple years of direct safety and/or wellness responsibilities
  • Demonstrated significant impact of safety and/or wellness activities company-wide
  • Recognition of their great leadership skills from subordinates, peers, and upper management
  • Participates in community-related safety and/or wellness efforts beyond the scope of work

Catalyst Award:

Promotes new or advancing leaders that are rapidly growing safety or wellness efforts.

  • Directly responsible for safety and/or wellness duties
  • Embodies a genuine passion for safety and/or wellness
  • Through their continued efforts to develop as leaders they have made a positive impact at the workplace

Champion Award:

Praises individuals that are taking personal strides to improve or maintain their health and safety, bringing their enthusiasm and positive values into the workplace.

  • Actively participates in programs applicable to their safety and/or wellness goals
  • Positive attitude demonstrated daily and encourages coworkers to engage with programs
  • Provides constructive input to leaders on programs
  • Thorough understanding of the company‚Äôs programs and culture


We are no longer accepting applications for this award.