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The Nebraska Safety Council is kicking off a new Agriculture Community Outreach program called Cultivating Community to help meet this need by increasing access to health and safety resources and training opportunities for local residents. You are invited to join us in this state-wide effort.

Read more about additional programs that are available for a minimal fee:

  • Break the Habit Nicotine Cessation Program

    The “Break the Habit” Nicotine Cessation Program is a 6-week class designed to meet individuals where they are on their wellness journey.

    • Four group sessions are included in addition to two personal one-on-one coaching sessions.
    • Program materials cater to individuals who smoke, chew, vape and/or use nicotine in social gatherings.
    • Individuals learn more about the physical and psychological impact of nicotine use, daily nicotine habits, personal triggers, stress management, how to manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms and maintain success.
    • Class participants create an individualized plan for action.

      Course Length: 6 Weeks
      Course Fee: $175 ($125 Members)

  • Confined Spaces & Recovery

    Confined spaces present special hazards that must be evaluated and controlled using a variety of systems. This half-day workshop will focus on how to comply with the Federal OSHA confined space standard (29 CFR 1910.146). The primary emphasis will be on the hazards, systems (atmospheric monitoring, ventilation), programs (LOTO, permits) and equipment (PPE, rescue) needed to enable attendees to develop a confined space program for their workplace. You will focus on program development and the identification of hazards associated with working in confined spaces. 


    • Confined Spaced Entry Regulation 1910.146
    • Operating Procedures and Worker Training
    • Air Monitoring
    • Respiratory Protection

    Course Length: 4 Hours
    Course Fee: $156 (Members $110)

  • Recognizing Drug Impairment Training

    Substance abusers are 5 times more likely than non-abusers to injure themselves or others in the workplace. Also, according to the American Council for Drug Education, drug abusers are ten times more likely to miss work, 33% less productive, five times more likely to file a worker's comp claim and are responsible for 40% of all industrial fatalities. Don't let this risk impact your business. Know how to identify these individuals before the damage is done.

    This class will cover policy, procedure, and regulations under both OSHA and D.O.T., specifically, the requirements set out by the D.O.T. (49 CFR 382.603) for a supervisor in recognizing an impaired operator or employee.

    Course Length: 4 Hours
    Course Fee: $156 (Members $110)

  • First Aid Training

    Two million people are hospitalized each year because of injuries. Be prepared in the event of an injury or illness and know how to react in an emergency. You can be the difference in a life or death situation. This Nebraska Safety Council interactive course combines lectures, group discussions, and hands-on training. This course meets all of the latest medical and OSHA guidelines. 

    Students will learn how to:

    • Following emergency procedures
    • Preventing disease transmission
    • Rescuing, moving, and positioning victims
    • Caring for a variety of injuries
    • Assisting with common sudden illnesses

    Students will receive a workbook and practice materials. Participants are given a Nebraska Safety Council two-year certificate.

    Course Length: 4 Hours
    Course Fee: $80 (Members $75)

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training

    If there's any chance you might come in contact with blood, you're at risk for contracting Hepatitis B or C, or HIV. The OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard provides guidelines for reducing that risk. And the National Safety Council's Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens program shows you how to comply. Our program meets OSHA requirements for Bloodborne Pathogens training. It explains how the disease is transmitted, and how to control exposure through a four-way approach: 

    • Work practice controls
    • Engineering controls
    • Universal precautions
    • Personal protective clothing and equipment

      Course Length: 4 Hours
      Course Fee: $50 (Members $40)

  • Food in the Field Presentation

    With 18+ hour workdays, the stress of the weather, markets, and limited healthy, one-handed dining options, it's easy to put health on the back burner during the busy seasons of calving, planting, and harvest. While in-person and online support surrounding nutrition and health seems almost endless these days, the unique challenges of the ag community, including farmers, ranchers, and their families, have largely been overlooked. Food in the Field aims to fill this gap! (Taken from the UNL Extension website)

    Course Length: 1 Hour
    Course Fee: Cost of mileage and/or groceries as needed

  • Respiratory Protection & Fit Testing

    Respirators are required when employees must work in environments with insufficient oxygen or where harmful dusts, smokes, mists, fumes, gases, vapors, or sprays are present.  Working in these environments without a respirator creates a serious health hazard for the employee which may cause cancer, lung impairment, heart disease, other diseases, or even death. The primary objective of this course is to ensure individuals know how to wear a respirator and know how to put on a facepiece correctly. 

    Course Length: 4 Hours
    Course Fee: $156 (Members $110)

The Cultivating Community program is sponsored by the Nebraska Safety Council and community partners AgriSafe Network, Nebraska Extension Office and the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

To request additional information, please contact:

Kelsey Pruss, MS
Wellness Services Manager
402-483-2511 ext. 103
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.