A valid Nebraska Learner's Permit, School Permit, or (POP) Provisional Operator's Permit is required prior to registration for this class.

Individuals must complete the course by the time they are 18.

NESC may issue a full refund up to five (5) business days prior to the start date of the class. I must notify NESC as soon as possible of the need to reschedule or cancel. A five (5) business day advanced notice to reschedule is required to avoid a $50 rescheduling fee. Cancellations less than five (5) business days prior to the start date of a class are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Due to the high demand for Driver Education – NO REFUNDS will be given once a class has started. I may reschedule as space permits for a one-time fee of $50. Payment is due at the time of rescheduling. 

Drive time change requests must be made through our office by calling 402.483.2511. All change requests must be made at least five (5) business days prior to the start of your first drive date. Failure to do so will result in a $50 rescheduling fee. Students must give their instructors at least four hours’ notice before canceling a driving appointment. 

There is a $50 no-call, no-show charge which must be paid before students can receive their P.O.P. forms. NESC reserves the right to change or cancel classes. In that event, the above cancellation and forfeiture of fee policy does not apply.

I understand there may be ADDITIONAL FEES for missed classroom sessions, additional drive sessions, and/or re-tests (the first re-test will be provided at no charge).

Parents must also sign and abide by the Driver's Education Parent Agreement Policy, effective March 1, 2020.