Wellness Steps That Work Well: December 7, 2023

Hear from Kelsey Pruss, MS, and Karen Rehm from the Nebraska Safety Council Wellness Team, Bob Williams, Director of Human Resources at Garner Industries, and host John Lefler, Jr. to discuss the first steps to establishing a culture of wellness in your workplace. This discussion includes the fundamentals for communication, programming, and most importantly “buy-in” from your staff. 

The idea of “Workplace Wellness” has evolved dramatically during the past 60 years from “working lunches” to “work/life balance,” providing services, and driving employee engagement. Effective wellness programs must be more than advice offered in employee emails. A comprehensive wellness program includes solutions and resources to manage chronic conditions, mental health, and health coaching. So, are Wellness Programs reserved for large corporations only? Only if you believe large businesses should be the only ones to benefit from improved productivity, a stronger workplace culture, and ultimately cost savings.