WorkWell, Inc., a division of the Nebraska Safety Council, has a rich history of providing worksite wellness and safety leadership to promote a healthier and productive workforce for businesses across the State of Nebraska for more than 25 years. 

Our vision is to increase the health and wellbeing of Nebraska workers, and their families, through health and safety assessment efforts, content expertise and the development of comprehensive wellness and safety initiatives.

When employers are expertly equipped, businesses can integrate effective workplace health, safety, and wellness promotion for their employees, experience happier and healthier employees, increased production, higher retention rates and fewer medical and work comp claims.

Total_worker_health_affiliate_logo2.png  *NESC/WorkWell is a NIOSH Total Worker Health Affiliate through the Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest. 

Chronic disease prevention Chronic Disease Prevention Series

Making a Difference is a 12-week program designed for individuals with multiple health risks and/or strong family history for metabolic syndrome, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, elevated cholesterol and other chronic conditions. Learn more.

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Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace

NESC offers a four-part series about emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Learn more.

Health coaching square

Health Coaching

NESC works with each company to establish their coaching preference. NESC Health Coaches include Registered Dietitians, Fitness Trainers, and Wellness Specialists. Learn more.

risk assessment surveys

Health Risk Assessments

NESC offers two online Health Risk Assessments. Learn more.

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Health Screenings

NESC partners with you to provide on-site health screening events, promotional materials, event registration, an individualized Health Screening Scorecard, and health screening results packets. Learn more.

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Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn presentations are designed to complement your company’s wellness programming needs. Learn more.

Smoking Cessation Tobacco square

Nicotine Cessation Classes

The “Break the Habit” Nicotine Cessation Program is a 6-week class designed to meet individuals where they are on their wellness journey. Learn more.


Online Wellness Portal

NESC offers you a comprehensive online wellness portal (MyVia) including health risk assessment tools, online wellness point tracker, health screening data management, health coaching records, educational Lunch and Learns, wellness videos, and health challenges.

work life balance

Staff Development Series

Health and Safety Specialists are available to provide educational in-services for your next staff development event.

NESC Point Program

Wellness Activity Online Point Tracker

The online Point Tracker Program aims to help improve your employee’s overall well-being by managing engagement in wellness programs on and off the job saving you administrative time. Learn more.

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Wellness Consultation Services

Consultation services are available to you and your Wellness Team to establish or enhance your comprehensive wellness program, identify key objectives and action steps, improve employee engagement, retention, morale, and reduce the number of sick days and medical claims. NESC membership includes up to 2 hours of free consultation services.


To schedule an event or request additional information, please contact:

Karen_Rehm-2.png Karen Rehm
Wellness Services Manager
402-483-2511 ext. 102
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