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The Nebraska Safety Council offers valuable resources for total employee care exclusively for members. By providing a comprehensive, Worker 360° approach to engaging and enhancing your most valuable asset - your employees - we can reduce healthcare costs, create a great culture, and improve overall business performance, along with your workers’ quality of life.

Free Benefits

Worker 360° Risk Assessment
Safety, wellness, and driving programs are becoming more data-driven than ever before, get access to a tool that will give you actionable information. This confidential assessment takes the average employee only six minutes to complete, with questions on general health, culture, safety, driving, and interest areas. You’ll receive an aggregate report to help optimize your programs. This new assessment gives your organization insights into your workforce and allows you to compare results across like-industries.

Phone and Email Consultation 
Instead of spending your limited time searching for standards or wondering if your new program covers everything you need, get peace of mind by reaching out to the experts. We'll help get time back in your day, just call in or email your questions.

Streaming Videos
Save hundreds from signing up for your own subscription service and get access to over 600 titles. Covering a wide range of topics across multiple industries, get quick access anywhere you can connect to the internet and have training videos at your fingertips!

New Member Walkthrough
We want to start off on the right foot together and believe that being at your facility, in person, is a vital part of our partnership. We'll come out for a couple hours and do a review of your facility/operations and written programs, identify hazards, areas of opportunity, and help outline an action plan to improve safety efforts.

Your Membership Benefits 
Weekly Newsletters Yes
Monthly Worker 360° Newsletter Yes
Connections Meetings - Monthly Yes
Employee Digests – available for download Yes 
Wellness Toolkits – available for download Yes
Toolbox Talks – available for download Yes
Video Streaming Yes
Wellness Challenges – available for download Yes
Worker 360° Risk Assessment Yes
COVID-19 Pandemic Resources Yes

NIOSH Total Worker Health® Program (HWC Resources)

Member Discounts on Services 
Impact Survey 33% discount ($3.00 per person)
Health Coaching 42% discount ($30 per hour discount)
Point Tracker 50% discount ($25 per person per year discount)
CPR/First Aid $10 per person discount
Most safety trainings Approximately 30% discount
Conference Approximately 30% discount

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