The prestigious Worker 360 Award recognizes you and your company for outstanding accomplishments highlighting worksite safety, worker wellbeing and company-based wellness and safety initiatives.  The Worker 360 Award is sponsored by the Nebraska Safety Council, The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and the NIOSH Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest.

The Worker 360 Award offers three recognition levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level showcases companies making a difference in encouraging and promoting the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses. Each level defines specific requirements which determine eligibility.  The Worker 360 Award is available to both Nebraska Safety Council members and non-members - free of charge. The Worker 360 application is available now!

We are no longer accepting applications for this award. 

*View the Awards Criteria here.

For questions regarding the awards email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 402.483.2511. 

Documentation you should have to prepare your application:

  • Number of employees
  • % female
  • % male
  • Average age
  • Ethnicity breakdown percentage
  • Number of times per year wellness committee meets
  • Budget for wellness and safety (will be uploaded)
  • Number of safety audits per year
  • Top 3 safety concerns
  • OSHA 300 A log (past two years)
  • For companies with 50+ employees. Last two health risk appraisals aggregate reports (must be no older – 3 years)
  • Top 3 health risks/number and percentage associated with each risk
  • For companies with 5+ employees. Aggregate data from past two biometric/blood screenings. If using physicians – aggregate outcome reports.
  • Top 3 health care costs (broker report) – if available.
  • Gold only – total cost of health insurance premium per person, employee vs employer share.
  • Gold only – top pharma costs by frequency (number of filled scripts) – (ex: hypertension drugs)
  • Gold only – top pharma costs by cost – type of drugs (ex: biologic drugs)
  • Executed annual wellness/safety plan (uploaded)
  • Median training hours for safety and wellness per employee per year
  • % employee engagement in wellness/safety past two years
  • Near miss data – correct within 7 days (percentage)
  • Gold only – presenteeim $, absenteeism $, Disability/FMLA $, Turnover $, Worker Comp $