LB1004 – What is it and what does it mean for the Helmet Repeal?

Effectively immediately, any Nebraska rider with a motorcycle license (i.e “M” endorsement) issued before May 1, 2024 is required to:

  • Complete the 3-hour Motorcycle Safety Foundation online course.
  • This applies to riders 21 & older ONLY

After May 1, 2024, Nebraska riders obtaining their “M” endorsement for the first time are required to:

  • Complete both the 3-Hour Motorcycle Safety Foundation online course AND riding portion of training.
  • This applies to riders 21 & older ONLY


  • Riders under the age of 21 are REQUIRED TO WEAR A HELMET in the State of Nebraska.
  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation eCourse can be used to waive the helmet requirement for any Nebraska motorcycle license issued prior to 5/1/2024 if they are age 21 or older.
  • IMPORTANT: Proof of course completion MUST be submitted to the Nebraska DMV via https://ne.accessgov.com/dmv/Forms/Page/motorcycle-safety/request-to-submit-motorcycle-safety-course-completion/0 or in-person at a driver licensing office. It must be SUBMITTED, REVIEWED, AND APPROVED by Nebraska DMV personnel. Just completing the course DOES NOT waive the helmet law,

Nebraska Safety Council Motorcycle Training

This program consists of classroom learning and skills practice on the outdoor motorcycle range.

Safety and health are a top priority for us: classes are limited to six students and the instructor. Motorcycles will be assigned to students to use for the duration of practice and properly cleaned and sanitized. The range is a large, outdoor area where riders will be easily able to maintain personal distances of at least six feet as recommended. We would not offer this course unless we were totally confident in providing a safe and healthy environment for students and instructors.

This course is approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the State of Nebraska.

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