Traffic Dismissal, Court Order, and other Driver Training Classes:

  • It is my responsibility to enter accurate personal and citation information.
  • I must enroll and complete my course within the timeframe allotted by the county/city from which I received my citation. (For questions regarding these rules, please call 402.483.2511 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)
  • I am not considered enrolled unless I have entered all the requested information, selected my class, and have paid the required class fee.
  • Upon completing my class registration, NESC will verify my eligibility and notify me by email or by phone within two (2) to four (4) business days if my registration cannot be accepted.
  • Duplicate certificates of completion will be issued for a $10 fee.
  • I may be able to dismiss one or all my violations by taking a class. If I cannot dismiss all the violations, I must follow the instructions on my citation for the remaining violations. This will usually involve pleading guilty or appearing in court on my court date. Court costs will apply.
  • If my citation was a result of a Personal Injury collision, then I am not eligible for any citation dismissal classes.
  • If I hold a CDL (Commercial Driver License) or CDL permit, I am not eligible for any citation dismissal classes.
  • I may re-schedule one time prior to the date of my original class; however, my rescheduled class date must still comply with the timeframe requirements for my citation. Fees may apply. To re-schedule, I must call 402.483.2511.
  • If I fail to re-schedule and do not complete my class within the timeframe requirements for my citation, I must follow the instructions on the citation.
  • NESC WILL NOT ISSUE A REFUND FOR AN ONLINE COURSE. It is strongly recommended that you contact our office at 402.483.2511 prior to enrolling in an online course if you are unsure of your eligibility.